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Take a break with us and have amazing tasting healthy snacks at your fingertips. Say goodbye to having to climb mountains to find something healthy, the best healthy snacks guaranteed..

Recharge Your System

On the go? Tired? or just hungry and need something to eat that is convenient. Stay Healthy Vending makes it easy. Grab a snack from one of our Healthy Vending Machines, Our vending machines are Stocked with premium, better-for-you selections from the brands you know and trust. Our goal is to support guest who strive to fuel up, be active and live well.

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Our vending machines are not just snack or drink vending machines. They are both. Giving you all the options you need. We even have several selections of coffee, in case you need that morning pick me up.

Our Look

Tired of trying to hide the vending machines at your establishment, or worried about a vending machine not fitting in to your theme or making an area look bad. No need to worry our machines are state of the art machines, that are wrapped the way you want them to be wrapped, complimenting your space. Our Healthy vending machines are brand new and look sleek and modern, especially with custom wrapping, upgrading your space.

 A picture of one of our Healthy vending machines miami. Very colorful with light green.

Most of Our Products Are:

An Icon displaying organic. This is icon is showing that a-lot of our snack vending machine snacks are organic.
An icon stating gluten free. Showing that many of our products inside our healthy vending machines miami are gluten free.
An icon stating non-gmo. Meaning that most of our healthy vending miami products are non-gmo.

Our Sustainability Commitment

Not only does our healthy vending support the wellness of our guests, our vending platform also supports the health of our environment with these key features:

  • LED Lighting 
  • Motion sensor dimmers
  • Energy Efficient Vending Machines
Our Healthy Vending Machines

Healthy Vending Machine Service Areas:

  • Miami
  • Broward 
  • Palm Beach