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About Us

The Highest quality organic, natural, low fat snacks and drinks available on the market for your vending machines.

Image of a woman doing yoga in miami. Healthy vending snacks/options lead to a more productive lifestyle

Our Promise

As a Miami based Healthy Vending Machine Company We Promise The Highest quality organic, natural, low fat snacks and drinks available on the market in our healthy vending machines.

Our Customer Service Promise:

– We will re-stock our machines at least every week and more often if sales require.

– All questions, concerns, complaints answered within 24 hours.

All of our Healthy Vending Machines are state of the art and offer:

  • Cashless and mobile payment that accepts all major credit cards.
  • Technology that notifies us immediately if an item does not dispense properly.
  • Capability to receive $1 or $5 bill and change.
  • Allows remote monitoring and inventory management.
  • Energy efficiency
  • ADA accessibility
  • Beautiful healthy graphics- Customizable graphics
A picture of our healthy miami vending machines
A picture of one of our green very nice, very modern vending machines, with healthy options inside.


We can customize the machine to look however you want. If you want to add your name to the machine, we could do that. However, you would like your machine to look just let us know and we can completely customize it.

Our Vending Machine specs:

Height: 72” Width: 39” Depth: 38”

Weight: 700 lbs

Volts: 115

Selections: 15 Snacks, 24 Drinks

215 total snacks & 144 Total

Completely customizable could add less drinks more snacks or more drinks less snacks etc.

Our Values

An animation of a brain depicting health. Health is what we strive for at healthy vending miami


An animation of a brain that symbolizes balance. Meaning with stay healthy vending miami you will have a balanced lifestyle


A animation/picture of a human body depicting strength. With healthy options like protein drinks etc. You will have more strength. One of our main goals at Stay healthy vending miami is to support a fitness lifestyle which will lead to more strength and better health.