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Miami Vending Machines Miami:

Free Vending Machine For Your Establishment in the Miami, Florida Area. Stay Healthy Vending Miami we are the name to know for vending machines Miami. We provide state of the art vending machines. Serving Miami, Broward and Palm Beach 305-707-5245.

Vending Machines Miami:

A picture of our vending machines. 3 of them

Free Vending Machine For Your Establishment in the Miami, Florida Area

Our Miami Vending Machines

Get Your Free State of the Art Vending Machine Today. We provide you with the BEST VENDING MACHINES on the market, and we fill them with Healthy Snacks. We’ve got you covered!! Call us Now

Is Your Office in Need of Break Room Snacks? We Have the Perfect Choice!

Well we will upgrade your break room area with a brand new amazing looking vending machine with high quality snacks and beverages.

We Deliver 

Just let us know you want a vending machine and we will deliver it exactly to where you want it. No cost to you, we will deliver and install the vending machine of your choice in no time.

Anywhere in the Miami Area 

We provide our vending machines anywhere in the Miami, Florida Area.

Vending machines Miami dolley

How It Works 

All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us. Our Machines are delivered for free to your door, placed exactly where you want the vending machine to be, you don’t have to move a muscle. We stock the machine the same day it is delivered. All of our machines are free of cost to you.  You tell us where you want them placed and can consider it done. It’s that easy.

Customer Cashless Machine Payments

All of our vending machines accept credit cards and debit cards and also accept apple pay, google pay and samsung pay just to name a few.  (state of the art equipment)

vending machine payment methods
Snack vending machine servicing

Machines Service & Design 

Our machines all have telemetry technology that tells us, up to the minute inventory levels inside our machines. So we always know when our vending machines need to be restocked. The telemetry technology also lets us know if an item is stuck in the vending machine, so we can take care of the issue immediately. 

Our vending machines are glass front machines that can hold any combination of drinks or snacks. We can wrap the machine with any logo or design you would like. We have vending machines that are pretty much standard if you have a good amount of space (72″ in height  x  39″ width) and we have small vending machines designed to fit smaller spaces. We pretty much have a machine for any space. We service all of Miami, Florida, Broward and Upper Keys.

Machines ADA Compliance

-All of our machines are ADA compliant 

Vending machines Miami ADA

Example of one of Our Machines

We definitely have more snacks than this but this is just one example of one of our machines stocked. This is with the vending machine door open. This picture is from one of the gyms we service in Miami. This machine is filled with all kinds of snacks and is specifically catered to a gym.  So it has protein shakes, pre workout drinks, post-workout beverages, protein bars, energy drinks, coffee (some customers prefer coffee for a pre-workout) and other low calorie snacks. We will provide you with a menu of products we offer or you can choose your own. We have over 300 snacks and beverages for you to select from.  Our goal is to provide you with the best soda machines and vending machine services you could ever get. We guarantee you will receive the best vending machine services imaginable. If you have any questions just give us a call. We make customer service our highest priority.

Here’s What You Get When You Work With Us As Your Vending Machine Vendor:

  • New Products by always rotating out slow sellers
  • State of the art Vending Machines. Our equipment is energy efficient and only lights up when someone is using the machine.
  • Reliable Re-stocking of your vending machines. Once machines are at 70% of their inventory you can guarantee we will be there to re-stock the machine, and most of the time; much before.
  • Multiple options from the products we offer to the equipment that dispenses them
  • We will customize the contents of the vending machines based on your wants and needs. ( over 300 great food and beverages options available)
  • The best vending service company you could ask for. We keep our customer service as a top priority!

 Directions to us

A map on how to get to us.

Directions From directly in the middle of the City in the downtown area to us at Stay Healthy Vending Miami. 

  • Head west on SE 12th terrace toward Brickell Ave.
  • Take coral way to SW 64th Ave. in Coral Terrace
  • Continue on SW 64th Ave. Take 22nd street and SW 65th Ave. to SW 21 street in West Miami

Directions From Miami International Airport to us.

  •  Take departures and NW 12th DR to FL-836W
  • Continue on FL-836 W. take FL-959 N/NW 57th Ave/N Red Rd. and NW 7th st. to Tamiami Canal RD. in Miami
  • Take a slight left onto Tamiami Canal RD.
  • Turn left onto NW 67 th Avenue
  • Continue onto SW 20 th street

Take SW 66th Avenue to SW 21 st st.


Miami was incorporated as a city in Florida on July 28, 1896 with a population just over 300. It was named for the Miami River, derived from Mayaimi, the historic name of Lake Okeechobee and the Native Americans that lived around it. Today the population is 2,794,990, crazy. Miami has grown so much and continues to grow. When searching Miami, fl. on a map it doesn’t seem too big as it only encompasses the downtown area and a bit of the outskirts. But for us locals, Miami is a lot bigger. This city has a-lot of suburbs and goes out west very far. Kendall being one of the furthest suburbs to the west, Homestead being the most southern suburb and Aventura being  the most northern suburb more or less. It all depends on what you consider Miami,  fl.

But we would say for us Miamians all those 3 suburbs are the borders of Miami anything out of those areas is a different city. Miami, fl. on a map does not do it justice, you have to ask a local to show you around. If you were to go by a map you would think Miami is tiny. But actually it is a big city. It is always being updated there is construction everywhere and every day it keeps expanding. I mean we don’t blame people for wanting to come down here. You have all the beautiful beaches nearby. Our beaches are spectacular and have much to offer. This city has it all we encourage you to explore and check out our blog post on things to do in this beautiful city, it goes over some of the major attractions.

Brief  Summary of Things To Do:

If you want hit the beaches we recommend you check out Key Biscayne if your looking for calmer beaches. If you want more of a party atmosphere then Miami Beach is more lively. 

If your looking for nightlife you can check out Miami Beach it has several bars, nightclubs everywhere. You can also check Brickell, and Wynwood plenty of bars and nightclubs out there.

Also be sure to explore the Florida everglades which are to the west of the city. Plenty of things to do out there. From airboat rides to bike tours, bike trails and hiking trails. Just so many things to do in this beautiful city. Let us know if you have any questions. Also click here if you would like even more information.



Call: 305-707-5245

Address: 6511 Sw 21 Street, Miami, Florida, 33155

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday:  8 AM- 6 PM

Saturday :  8AM – 12 PM

Sunday :  Closed

Complete 24/7 Vending Service

Thanks to the ongoing advances in technology, our vending units can supply you with snacks and beverages around the clock. Strong time management is a very important element of our successful business, which is why we want to make it easy for you and your employees to grab a cup of coffee or a snack whenever they crave them — and without stepping out of the office. Whether you want black coffee or coffee with cream, our machines have it ready for you.  

With telemetry technology, we can easily track which vending unit needs to be replenished and with which products. This guarantees that you will always have your favorite office coffee or snack available at all time. This technology also helps us to know when our vending units require maintenance services. That way, we can immediately send our vending appliance maintenance personnel to your office for fast and efficient vending machines services.

Reliable Team of Vending Professionals

For us to continue giving you professional vending services, we have to work with professionals. That’s why we always give our employees the necessary training and support that ensure they are offering the best vending service with our machines. We also ensure that every member of our team has the necessary experience in handling different vending units and other related equipment so that you can expect the best vending service.

Wide Variety of Healthy Foods and Drinks

We know the importance of having a healthy workforce, which is why we stock our vending appliances with high quality food, coffee, juice, and other drinks so that you and your employees can have a productive work day at the office. Our vending supplies are obtained from top brands that you know and love. We always endeavor to support you as our customer in your efforts to stay active, live well, and fuel up your body. 

With our combo vending machines, you will see all your favorite foods and drinks available. Our vending units also come with a broad range of antioxidant and protein drinks to keep you hydrated and healthy throughout the day. Our machines are designed to help every customer keep their workforce going throughout the day and night.

Energy-Efficient Machines

To help you reduce your utility costs, we make sure that all our machines are ENERGY STAR certified. Compared to the ordinary vending machine models, our vending appliances are 40 percent more energy-efficient. We only offer vending units with more efficient fan motors, lighting systems, compressors, and other features to keep your food and drinks fresh without consuming a lot of energy. Moreover, we always service our vending appliances to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. By offering timely maintenance service, your vending machine will continue to serve you without using too much energy. 

Financial Transparency and Less Transaction Time

With the cashless payment vending service, our vending appliances have significantly reduced the transaction time by making payment posting fast and reliable. This allows your employees to grab their favorite snacks and drinks without delays. It has also made every vending transaction completely transparent.